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Analysis and design of the residential architectural space. Studies of form and volumes. Inhabiting and living. Resting, producing, entertaining in the space of the residence. Organization and structuring of space in the scale of the home. Study of the relationships among the housing unit, the site and the urban context, observing physical characteristics, typological conditions, proportion and scale. Flows, circulations and connections in interior spaces, among them and with the exterior. Continuity of the studies realized in the previous design studio, with added emphases on: form and volumetric studies of the architectural space, organization and structuring of space. The study of the spatial relationships and proportions among sectors, rooms and the exterior spaces of a residence. Studies of the dimensions of residential spaces, sectors and atmospheres through the critical use of precedents visited during the course. The relationships of the architectural artifact with the site and immediate surrounding context, observing its typologies, proportion, scale and physical and environmental features of solar orientation, topography, hydrography, vegetation, neighboring buildings, among others. Notions of design methodology and phasing. Notions of structural design.

For more information on the Housing Design Studio I, please visit the website https://sites.google.com/site/arq1102projeto2

Monday and Wednesday (1:00PM-7:00PM)

IMA3 Studio

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