Participation of Professor Cecilia Herzog on the 6th Annual Event of the NGO MAS New York - which focuses on city and urban quality of life.

This year's theme is: The City We Want. The event host over 50 breakout sessions with experts from various fields. Cecilia will participate in the Fair City Visions Panel of countries around the world (Visions of the Just City from Around the World). What is the vision of "Fair City"? What are the characteristics? Twenty four writers from various countries were invited to address these issues as part of the collaboration of J. Max Bond Center for the Design of the Just City, NextCity, and The Nature of Cities. Elements of the City Fair cut across issues of race, ethnicity, gender, the environment, housing, savings, security, access to information, and rights of communities to create their cities. Four authors of this series talk about their views of the City Fair. Cecilia will talk about his article: Healthy Landscapes for ALL.

Location: The Times Center, 242 West 41st Street New York, NY 10036
Date: October 23
Time: 3:25 PM (loca time - 18:25 hour of Rio de Janeiro)
Go online at website: http://www.summit.mas.org

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