Aula Magna Prof. Raquel Rolnik

Department of Architecture and Urbanism of PUC-Rio, 2017

March 13, 2017 (5:00 p.m.)
Auditorium of the RDC, Campus da Gávea, PUC-Rio

Raquel Rolnik is an architect and town planner and professor at the School of Architecture and Urbanism at USP.

She was special rapporteur for the UN Human Rights Council for the Right to Adequate Housing, for two terms (2008-2011, 2011-2014).

She was Planning Director of the City of São Paulo (1989-1992), Urbanisation Coordinator of the Pólis Institute (1997-2002) and National Secretary of Urban Programs of the Ministry of Cities (2003-2007), among other professional and didactic activities related to Urban and housing policy.

She is the author of the books "The City and the Law", "What is City", "Folha Explains: São Paulo" and "War of the Places", ed Boitempo. He writes biweekly, on Wednesdays, in Yahoo! Columnists.

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