The Department of Architecture and Urban Planning (DAU) of PUC-Rio now launches PRUMO magazine, whose first issue's theme is the city of Rio de Janeiro. The purpose of this magazine is to bring together the critical thinking of professionals from different areas of knowledge discussing challenges and solutions for building socially just, economically viable, and environmentally responsible cities with great architectural quality, reflecting thus the principles that structure the Graduate Program in Architecture and Urbanism of the Department.

The magazine is divided into five sections: interviews, articles, translations, projects and the 'shelf of ideas'. Each one seeks to stimulate thinking on the contemporary challenges of architecture and urban design while discussing issues often controversial and of great impact on daily life and the future of cities, such as the unsustainability of urban mobility model and governance at the municipal level, the global integration of the city's production and its marketing or accumulated memory in urban spaces and buildings that constitute them.

In addition, the magazine promotes the debate on current projects and offers the reader iconic texts on the theory of architecture and urbanism, which until then had no translation into Portuguese. This number is the result of the dedication of a group of Professors from DAD/PUC-Rio, as well as authors and contributors, with particular emphasis on the dedication of the teachers Ana Paula Polizzo and Silvio Dias, who coordinated the preparation of this publication. I wish you all a great read.

Maria Fernanda Campos Lemos

Head, Department of Architecture and Urbanism, PUC-Rio

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