EXPANDED LINES - Borderland Urbanisms: Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina

Organized by professors Marcos Favero and Gabriel Duarte, the book is a trilingual publication (Portuguese, English and Spanish) in e-book format and was entirely elaborated by the Laboratory for Infrastructure, Architecture and Territory (LAIT), linked to the Graduate Program in Architecture of PUC-Rio: prof. Marcos Favero (coordinator), prof. Gabriel Duarte (collaborator) and students / research fellows of the undergraduate program in Architecture and Urbanism.

Marking the closure of the homonym research project, developed since the second half of 2012, under the South America Project - SAP (http://www.sap-network.org), a research network coordinated by the Graduate School of Design of Harvard University (Harvard GSD).

In addition to an article about the research, prepared by the organizers, there are essays written especially for the book by faculty / researchers linked to SAP: Felipe Correa (Harvard GSD, coordinator of the Urban Design Program, cofounder and director of SAP), Ana Maria Durán (Faculty of Architecture, Design and Arts of Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, co-founder of SAP), Martin Cobas (Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of the Republic - Uruguay), Juan Rois (Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Design of National University of Rosario - Argentina) and Pierre Martin (CAU PUC-Rio); And projects carried out by students in international workshops and workshops held in 2012.2, 2013.1 and 2013.2.

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