Professor Ana Paula Polizzo receives IAKS International Award

Professor Ana Paula Polizzo was awarded the IOC / IAKS / 2017 Award for sports, recreation and leisure equipment for the Arena of the Future project developed with Gustavo Martins, in her office - Oficina de Arquitetos - in partnership with Geraldo de Oliveira Lopes, Gilson Ramos dos Santos and José Raymundo Ferreira Gomes to the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Park.
The IOC/IAKS Award and the IPC/IAKS Distinction are the most important international architecture prizes for sports, leisure and recreational facilities.

Every two years since 1987, the IOC/IAKS Award is commending sports and leisure facilities of exemplary design and function.

Together with the International Paralympic Committee, the IAKS is also awarding the IPC/IAKS Distinction for sports and leisure facilities suitable for persons with a disability.

In addition, IOC, the IPC and the IAKS are giving the Architecture and Design Award for Students and Young Professionals on innovative designs and concepts for sports, leisure and recreational facilities. *

* Retrieved from www.iaks.org

The awards ceremony will take place on the IAKS Congress and FSB 2017, on November 7, 2017, in Cologne, Germany, when Professor Ana Paula will present the project.

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