CAAU - Student Association Architecture and Urbanism Department

Reelected in 2016 with more than a third of the alumni’s vote, the current CAAU team is composed by the students: João Marcos Gonzaga, Lucas Coelho Netto, Rafael Magioli, Eduardo Romano, Mateus Pires, Kamissy Poletto, Bruno Bins, Rhaísa Capella e Victória Jeronymo. As members of the CAAU, our main goal for this year is to represent the student’s desire before the coordination, teachers and rectory, creating a transparent and direct channel of communication, that can be improved every time.

In our current agenda, we seek to carry out long-awaited actions by students, such as the organization of lectures, events, competitions and exhibitions, as well as the open discussion between students and teachers in favor of a curricular reform. Our goal is to expand the boundaries of the course by creating a dynamic environment of collaborative knowledge that connects the academic and professional worlds. Over the past year, we invited 20 speakers to address a variety of subjects, which increased the visibility of the course and promoted interaction with members of different universities.

Since 2016, we organized the following events:

- Food donation to the Krenaks (victims of the Rio Doce disaster)
- “Trote do amor”
- Toys donation to the Children’s day party of PUC employees
- The challenges of new architects in the job market (GRUA, CI-AA, OCO, Studio Motim, RVBA, Estúdio Guanabara)
- 30H Competition (more than 130 participants from 11 universities)
- 30H Results exhibition at PUC-Rio

And we also participated in the following activities:

- Inspirations of an architect and designer, with Isay Weinfeld
- A life dedicated to architecture and urbanism: Indio da Costa
- Ser Urbano 2016
- Magna Class 2017 with Raquel Rolnik
- ReConvexo competition
- Graduation projects review and exhibition 2016.2

There is still a lot to be done and for that we would like to count with the support of all academic community – students, professors and employees – to build a rich environment of intense knowledge exchange. CAAU is an organization open to suggestions, critics and everybody’s participation. CAAU is of and for students!

To keep updated of our agenda and proposals for the school year, connect to us through our social medias:
IG: @caau.puc