Junior Office

Junior Office
Junior Office of Architecture and Urbanism.

The Junior Office of Architecture and Urbanism at PUC-Rio is an academic space, whose main objective is to train students in the practice of architecture and urbanism, always under the supervision of faculty. With a commitment to bring practice closer to the academy, the office has gradually achieved the participation of faculty from different disciplines on the advice of projects, meeting the demands of the campus itself and investing in in works of cultural, social and entrepreneurship natures.

The main fields of action of the office follow some lines, including the provision of services and compliance with the internal demands of the PUC-Rio in cooperation with its administration and vice-rectors, such as the accessibility plan and sustainability, renovation projects of both internal and external areas, design and assembly of exhibits, preservation and restoration of architectural heritage, history, arts and culture, in particular the Solar Grandjean de Montigny.

Furthermore, the office has also invested in projects, consultancies and architectural and urban interventions with non-governmental organizations, foundations, research support, civil organizations, government agencies and communities. Two projects stand out in this regard - the Scientific Complex of Fernando de Noronha, the result of a cooperation agreement signed between the Brazilian Navy and PUC-Rio, after receiving honorable mention in the competition for the new Comandante Ferraz Research Station, in Antarctica, and the redesign of the Plaza Santos Dumont, in Gávea, at the request of the residents association.

The investment in training future professionals with greater autonomy, ethics, solid cultural background and agility to solve projective questions has been constant. Last year, all trainees had attended a training course on Rhinoceros. This year, two interns and one Professor participated in the scientific expedition to the island of Trindade, where they analysed the dynamics of a research station, central to the project of Fernando de Noronha.

Vera Hazan
Collaborating Faculty (current)
Antônio Roberto de Oliveira (instalações)
Carlos Eduardo Spencer
Fernando Betim
Fernando Espósito
Leila Beatriz Silveira
Leonardo de Almeida (paisagismo)
Luciano Alvares
Luis Candido Campos
Marcelo Bezerra